ExtreMusic is a totally new angle of view which is realized by Gerçek Dorman and Hakan Çetinkaya to unite the challenging, existentialist, resisting characteristics of extreme sports and creativeness and expressionist characteristics of art. ExtreMusic tries to express the attitudes of these two guys towards others and life, by the means of passions of music, art, sport and nature.

Our purpose is to bring art lovers and outdoor sporters together and reveal new ideas. Break people away from the boring life of cities to remind their belongings to nature. Provoke people to find the beauty and magic of nature and art by means of unusual ways of different combinations.

To actualize this dream we try to listen the deepest wild animal instincts of human kind, let our feelings show the way, unite the peace of the eastern philosophy and the crazy rhythm of the west.

ExtreMusic project is open to any idea or anyone. Its open to everyone and every kind of idea that may make any kind of contribution. Please do not hesitate to reach us.

Hakan Çetinkaya:

I started spors in an early age when I was in primary school. I was doing skiing an athletism. I tried lots of different kinds of sports like, Taekwondo, Karate, Orienteering, Mountaineering, Rock climbing, Snowboarding. I started skydiving when I was in high school than at 1995 or 1996 I made my first paragliding flight with a barroved paraglider from a friend. I saw that this was the only way of flying with my budget. I worked as commies to save my first paragliders money. After than I kept flying. Altough I am a masters degree physicist with a paper published in a well known optics jurnal, I decided to be at this side of the life. If there is something existentialism than my existence is laying in the middle of the extreme sports, mostly flight. I am bad at talking so this is the best time keep going on.

Gerçek Dorman:

Gerçek was born in 1981 in Cyprus. He started playing drums and percussions in 1996. Then, he attended many private courses instructed by well-known musicians from conservatory between the years of 1996 and 2000. After that, he had his education on Rock, Funk and Jazz Drum in Berklee College of Music.

He was pronounced as a professional educator in 2005. He worked in a private educational institution called Ozdem Music Academy which is accredited by Ministry of Education of Turkey, for over eight years. Within this period of time, he educated more than 250 students in the art of drums and percussion (especially drum set, cajon and conga). Many of those students currently participate in bands, orchestras both amateur and proffessional.

Gerçek has played in many local and international bands, and their albums. In addition to Büyük Birader which is a rock and blues band, he is an official member of the World music band ‘Maya’ and the Greek music band ‘Thallassa’ Band. He has also administered many projects such as International Internet Orchestra, Connection of Rhythms, Gerçek Dorman Electronic Project, BLF, Rhythm Kitchen and he composes music for movies and games. He performed many drum and percussion shows in several cities worldwide. He is also the creator of “RhythmGym”, a sport which includes rhythm and dance.

He is the author of a drum method called ‘D52 Drumming Fundamentals in 52 weeks’ which presents a methodical, 52-week practice schedule. Being a pioneer, he conducts the first and only drum and percussion festival in Turkey, D52 Drum and Percussion Festival. He is official endorser of Roland and İstanbul Mehmet Cymbals. He is currently working as a product manager and sound designer for SynthMaster!

Besides the drum set, he prefers to use cajon as his main instrument. He has several cajons from all over the world, and cajon plays a significant role in his way of creating music. He works for promoting cajon in every performances and workshops that he conducts in many cities in Turkey.